Question: What Is The Connecting Link Between Reptiles And Birds?

Viruses are regarded as the connecting link between the living and non-living things as they possess living as well as non-living characters..

Palaeontologists have discovered the almost complete skeleton of an ancient fish known as Elpistostege watsoni. Scans of the fish’s fins show it had bones that resemble those found in the human hand. The fossil is a “missing link” between fish and amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.

Seymouria: It is a connecting link between amphibian and reptiles.

EuglenaEuglena is called as ‘connecting link’ between plant and animal, because it has characteristics of both plant and animals. Like plants, they have chloroplasts with the help of which they perform photosynthesis.

ProterospongiaProterospongia is a colonial protozoa, having choanocytes or collar cells, like those of sponges. This species is a connecting link between Protozoa and Porifera.

Viruses are non-living when they are outside the host cell as they don’t have any cellular machinery of their own. … That’s why they are considered as link between living and non-living.

Why are Euglenoids considered as connecting link between plant and animal?

Answer. Bcoz they r both autrotropic as well as heterotropic. In the presence of light they work as autrotrops like plants and in absence of light they work as heterotrops like animals so they are connecting link between plants and animals.

What is the difference between connecting link and Missing Link?

The living animals which possess characters of two different groups of animals are known as connecting links. … On the other hand, missing links are those extinct organisms which had the characters of two different groups of animals.

Answer. The duck billed platypus. It is the connective link between reptiles and mammals. It has reptilian features, such as it lays eggs.

Archaeopteryx was first described as the “missing link” between reptiles and birds in 1861. Only 12 fossil specimens have ever been found. … The researchers concluded that that this individual Archaeopteryx fossil, known as specimen number eight, was physically much closer to a modern bird than it is to a reptile.

researches on the wormlike organism Peripatus, which he recognized as the zoologically important connecting link between the Annelida, or segmented worms, and the Arthropoda, such as crabs, spiders, and insects.

Archaeopteryx is a connecting link between (1) Reptiles and birds (2) Fish and amphibian (3) Birds and mammals (4) Amphibians and bird. Archaeopteryx is known to be a communicating connection between reptiles and birds because it looks like a bird and has bird wings.

Connecting link is an organism having characteristics of two different group of organisms e.g, duck-billed platypus ( scientific name Ornithorhynchus anatinus) is a connecting link between reptiles and mammals i.e, it has mammary glands to feed its young ones like other mammals e.g human being, cow, buffalo etc., and …

PERIPATUS is a connecting link between ANNELIDA and ARTHROPODA… LIMULUS is a living fossil also known as KING CRAB…so option D is correct.. Peripatus is the connecting link betwèen anelida and arthropoda .