Quick Answer: Is The Rain About Zombies?

Is Simone immune to the rain?

The show may already be seeding this revelation: Simone might also be immune.

After all, neither she, nor Lea, nor Martin died after exposure to the rain..

Did Martin die the rain?

The Big Sacrifice He forces his way to the vial — which broke when Simone fell — and while the virus grapples with him to ensure he doesn’t get to the cure, Martin is able to consume the last few droplets. This kills the virus. However, the virus is connected to his mind and body, so Martin dies, too.

How does Lea die in the rain?

Rasmus (Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen) loses his mind. “Keep It Together” ended with the sweet and self-sacrificing Lea (Jessica Dinnage) giving her life to potentially cure Rasmus. … Rasmus’ new Season 2 girlfriend Sarah (Clara Rosager) is hit with a bullet and dies.

Is the rain dangerous?

Why Is Rain So Dangerous to Drive In? Rain actually causes your tires to lose traction—when the road gets wet, the water mixes with the dirt on the asphalt, making it harder for your tires to “hang on” to the road. Simply put, rain makes everything slippery, and puddles that form can lead to hydroplaning.

Is the rain a scary show?

Compared to other shows and movies in this genre, The Rain isn’t particularly scary on a surface level. Even its most gruesome death, which involves a man’s partially eaten torso hanging in a freezer, is tame compared to what’s regularly shown on The Walking Dead.

Is the rain a good show?

The Rain is some of the best survivalist drama to hit screens in years, even if it leans heavily on the familiar tropes, with exciting, unpredictable and genuinely likable characters that keep you glued to the screen.

What country is the rain set in?

DenmarkThe Rain (TV series)The RainCountry of originDenmarkOriginal languageDanishNo. of seasons3No. of episodes20 (list of episodes)18 more rows

Will the rain have a Season 4?

Will there be a season 4 of The Rain? Unfortunately, there won’t be any further episodes – Netflix announced when it was renewing the show for a third run back in June 2019 that it would end after season three.

Is Rasmus dead?

Does Rasmus die in The Rain? Ultimately, the show ended on a melancholic note after Simone and Rasmus reconciled with each other. She revealed to him the flower which fed off the virus and could potentially cure everyone. Rasmus realised by sacrificing himself, he could save the world from devastation.

Is the rain show in English?

DanishThe Rain/LanguagesThe Rain, a Danish post-apocalyptic thriller, and Dark, a German supernatural horror, both come dubbed as standard in the UK, to the befuddlement of some subscribers. Dubbing has long been the preferred method of translating foreign programmes in Italy, Germany and France but is uncommon in English-speaking countries.

Is the rain series over?

In 2019, Netflix announced The Rain would be ending with season three. The American streaming service confirmed the news in a Facebook post on the show’s official page, which read: “Survival Squad: We’ll see you in 2020 for a third and final season.”

Why did they release the virus in the rain?

Reflecting on why Apollon released the virus, the star – better known to viewers as Rasmus – said Sten wanted to a bioweapon to sell to billionaires. The star said: “So, he created this virus that could be a bioweapon, you could put it into the sky that could kill a lot of people.

What is the movie the rain about?

Six years after a rain-borne virus wipes out most of Scandinavia’s population, two siblings join a band of young survivors seeking safety — and answers.

What is the virus in the rain Netflix?

The focal virus in The Rain is spread through liquid falling from the sky (which doesn’t include fecal matter). It’s a fictional creation of the character Sten, whose egocentric idealism made him create a human whose immune system was replaced by the virus. The Netflix series follows traditional Monster vs.

Does Beatrice die the rain?

Beatrice (Angela Bundalovic) could’ve been a contender for protagonist of The Rain, Netflix’s newest Original, but she died in episode six. … Beatrice dies, predictably, after having sex with Rasmus (Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen) in an abandoned cabin. They’re in love, and he’s just so damn excited to be out of that bunker.

Who dies in the rain?

RasmusRasmus. The most significant death of the series goes to the one, and only, the teenage heartthrob, Rasmus. Fans probably knew his fate was likely to be death but it doesn’t make it any less sad. His whole persona was always about saving the world but he did lose his inner being in season 3.

Is Beatrice a liar in the rain?

In the present-day storyline of episode 3, Beatrice uses the same trick on Rasmus. Poor Rasmus hasn’t seen a woman beside his sister in years, and, when he does, she’s a bit of a liar. … Beatrice is definitely lying to at least one person. She’s probably lying to all of them.

Is Rasmus cured?

Since Rasmus only ever wanted to save the world, he decides to sacrifice himself (Sarah joins in, too) by allowing the plant to kill them and absorb all of the virus. The pair have become a part of it and in doing so have cured the world.

Is Sarah still alive in the rain?

Sarah and Rasmus then nearly share an intimate moment, but have to leave when more bounty hunters show up. They nearly escape, but Sarah is shot. As she bleeds out, she kisses Rasmus, and then dies. The kiss infects her, and later, the virus brings her back to life.

What is inside the rain rated?

Haunting suicide/depression docu; watch with your teens. Powerful look at mental illness; ages 16+.

How does the rain end Netflix?

The Rain officially ends with Simone telling her brother that “you are forever my sweetheart” — a callback to various moments they shared in the past, both good and bad.