Quick Answer: What Happens When There Is Too Much Substrate?

What happens if there is more substrate than enzymes?

In an enzyme-catalyzed reaction, the substrate binds to the enzyme to form an enzyme-substrate complex.

If more substrate is present than enzyme, all of the enzyme binding sites will have substrate bound, and further increases in substrate concentration cannot increase the rate..

What happens when you increase the amount of substrate?

Substrate concentration: Increasing substrate concentration also increases the rate of reaction to a certain point. Once all of the enzymes have bound, any substrate increase will have no effect on the rate of reaction, as the available enzymes will be saturated and working at their maximum rate.

What would happen if more enzyme was added?

Enzyme concentration As the concentration of the enzyme is increased, the enzyme activity also increases. This means that more substrate will be broken down if more enzyme is added. Again, this increase in enzyme activity does not occur forever.

Why does reaction rate level off as substrate concentration increases?

Initially, an increase in substrate concentration leads to an increase in the rate of an enzyme-catalyzed reaction. As the enzyme molecules become saturated with substrate, this increase in reaction rate levels off. … At higher temperatures, the protein is denatured, and the rate of the reaction dramatically decreases.