Quick Answer: What Is The Synonym Of Irritate?

What does aggravation mean?

1 : an act or circumstance that intensifies something or makes something worse His interference was an aggravation of the situation.

2 : the act, action, or result of aggravating something or someone especially : an increasing in seriousness or severity aggravation of an injury..

A crime or tort is aggravated if the circumstances make it worse or more serious than it would otherwise be. For example, assault may become “aggravated assault” if the defendant uses or brandishes a deadly weapon.

Is aggravated an emotion?

We have emotions for a reason. Negative ones, like anger, aggravation, hurt and so on, are very important to pay attention to because within them lurk hidden meanings. … Therefore, through your emotions, you are being brought closer to your true self.

Is irritation the same as angry?

“Agitation can lead to poor impulse control and aggression, whereas irritation is a state of low-level anger that does not involve the intensity of physiological arousal that occurs with agitation.”

Are annoying and irritating the same?

So, you’ll notice that in all examples, annoy and irritate end up having the same meanings, but bother can sometimes be different. This is why I’d say with 98% confidence: annoy and irritate are synonyms.

How do you aggravate someone?

75 Crazy Ways to irritate people!Give missed calls. Always.Borrow someone’s phone to call and to talk for hours.Reply with K and Hmm.Refer someone they hate as their best friends.Listen songs on speaker phone.Send Candy Crush requests on Facebook.Forward chain messages.Call your friend uncle or aunty.More items…•

What’s the difference between aggravated and frustrated?

As verbs the difference between frustrated and aggravated is that frustrated is (frustrate) while aggravated is (aggravate).

What is the root word for irritation?

It’s an irritation when you’re bothering someone else, and it’s also irritation when you’re the one feeling irked: “My irritation increased the longer the train sat there, unmoving, with no explanation.” The earliest meaning of this word was more physical, a “sore or swollen spot,” from the Latin root word irritare, ” …

What is a peeve mean?

resentment1 : a feeling or mood of resentment. 2 : a particular grievance or source of aggravation. Synonyms Choose the Right Synonym Example Sentences Learn More about peeve.

What is mental irritation?

Regardless of the term you use, when you’re irritable, you’re likely to become frustrated or upset easily. You might experience it in response to stressful situations. It may also be a symptom of a mental or physical health condition.

What to say to someone to annoy them?

The 12 Most Annoying Things To Say To Someone Who’s Already Irritated”As soon as you calm down, we can talk.” … “Don’t be mad when I tell you this…” … “If you raise your voice, we can’t have a conversation”. … “Is everything okay?” … “You need to learn to control yourself”. … “Ah, you can’t be bugged by such a little thing!”More items…•

What is a antonym for irritating?

irritating, irritative(adj) (used of physical stimuli) serving to stimulate or excite. “an irritative agent” Antonyms: comfy, depressant, comfortable, agreeable.

What is another word for irritant?

In this page you can discover 22 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for irritant, like: thorn, annoyance, bother, burden, nuisance, trouble, aggravation, besetment, irritation, peeve and plague.

Why do I suddenly get irritated?

Many factors can cause or contribute to irritability, including life stress, a lack of sleep, low blood sugar levels, and hormonal changes. Extreme irritability, or feeling irritable for an extended period, can sometimes indicate an underlying condition, such as an infection or diabetes.

What is the meaning of irritated?

1 : to provoke impatience, anger, or displeasure in : annoy. 2 : to induce irritability in or of. intransitive verb. : to cause or induce displeasure or irritation.

Does aggravated mean mad?

Aggravate means to make something worse, and irritate is to annoy. But if you use aggravate to mean “annoy,” no one will notice. … Despite four hundred years of English speakers using aggravate to mean annoy or irritate, there is a shade of difference. If you make something worse, you aggravate the situation.

What does nuisance mean?

: something (as an act, object, or practice) that invades or interferes with another’s rights or interests (as the use or enjoyment of property) by being offensive, annoying, dangerous, obstructive, or unhealthful. — attractive nuisance.

What do you say to an annoying person?

Always use “I” statements and avoid placing blame or accusing the person. For example, “I feel” or “I think.” You may start the discussion by saying, “Listen, I need to let you know that I am feeling annoyed at your behavior.” You may then expand your thoughts and be honest about why you are annoyed by the person.

How do you tell someone to stop bothering you?

9 Ways To Manage People Who Bother YouYou can only change yourself.Draw your boundaries.Be upfront about where you stand.Be firm when needed.Ignore them.Don’t take it personally.Observe how others handle them.Show kindness.More items…•