Quick Answer: What Should I Spend My Gems On In Lords Mobile?

What can I spend guild coins on Lords mobile?

Best use of guild coins are to purchase 25% Resource Boosts, 25% Gathering Boosts and 10% Pact Merging Speed Boost.

With the rest of guild coins, [Rare] Jewel Chest are considered good purchases, but drop rates of good attacking jewels are very rare..

Is it possible to hack Lords mobile?

Unfortunately no !!! You can’t hack Lords mobile game using other apps like lucky patcher or game guardian. … it is a server based game not connected to the server then you cant play at all. Lords Mobile is an online game.

Can I transfer gems in Lords mobile?

We would like to inform you that the game data and server are totally different between TW-Beta Version and Lords Mobile Servers. Therefore, players are unable to transfer Gems from TW-Beta Version to Lords Mobile Servers.

How many pickaxes do you need for treasure trove?

Once you reach level 6-7, you will probably start having to buy the pickaxes with gems. To max the Treasure Trove to Level 9 it will cost you 5,000 Crystal Pickaxes. The best strategy would be to buy 4,000 pickaxes (at 1,000 pickaxes for 14,000 gems) at 42,000 gems before Level 7.

How many farms should I have in Lords mobile?

This means you need more food: You should aim for producing 2.5 million food per hour. You can achieve this goal by constructing 15 farms, 2 mines, 2 lumber mills, and 2 quarries. You should be already getting enough gold via quests, so there is still no need for a Manor.

How do you use Jewels in lords mobile?

Use planning when placing the jewels into the gear. Plan for maximum power! If you have an army gear that has mixed troop boosts (for example Frostwing Greatsword), then only use the ATK jewels (Cav ATK, Inf ATK, and Range ATK). If you have a choice, always focus more on gear than jewels…

How do you get gems in Lords mobile?

There are several ways to earn free Gems in Lords Mobile.Treasure Trove. This will be our biggest source of free gems. … Maintenance. When the servers are down for maintenance you will receive free gems! … Coloseum. … Monster Hunting. … Guild Gifts. … Mystery Box. … Labyrinth.

How many treasure troves can you have in Lords mobile?

In Lords Mobile, Treasure Trove max level is 9 with a max deposit of 20 000 gems and an 85% Basic interest (plus 20% bonus interest). As you know Basic interest is always the same, while the bonus interest rate is increasing by leveling up the Treasure Trove.

What are the best familiars in Lords mobile?

This list is in order of greatest first!Hoarder (Jewels and Trove) – Pact 4.Goblin (A lot of gold) – Pact 3.Gemming Gremlin (A lot of gems) – Pact 3.Trickstar (Holy Stars) – Pact 3.Bonehead (Colosseum) – Pact 2B.Hell Drider (Free T4 troops) – Pact 4.Saberfang (Monster Hunting) – Pact 4.Pyris (Familiar Attack) – Pact 2B.More items…

How do you unlock treasure in trove?

Treasure Trove unlocks when players complete Skirmish 8 and have reached Castle Level 17. There are only 9 levels to upgrade.